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Anything direct from your heart❤

Hi guys this is my first blog which I have written, excited somewhere but also nervous.  Okay leaving all that aside, I would like to tell about myself. I am a ordinary girl  living life in an extraordinary way. Telling more about myself I am not so good at my vocabulary skills, but I would like to improve it by writing blogs and your feedback on my post. 

 So, being an ordinary student I am pursuing my professional degree and my dreams are also like other people i.e to become successful and make my parents proud. But my life has become very much hectic it’s from college to class and then home. But it’s okay for me because my mother always tells me that, it is better to take all pains in the initial stages of life to have sweet fruits in future. 

People always says that just go with the flow but I don’t agree with them because to be successful in our life we have to discover our own path rather than following others. 

So I just end my blog here with a message to follow your heart and don’t leave your brain while carrying heart. Don’t follow others path while one should create it’s own path and leave footprints for others to follow.